How to Blog Part 1: Why Blog?

Blog Your Passion

Words Blog Your Passion over flames, design by Lorelle VanFossen.

Why blog? It’s a good question to ask yourself. Consider your answer carefully before you pursue this adventure.

Blogging takes time, energy, and costs little except for time and energy. Do you have the time and energy to commit to this as a three year project?

That just changed your answer, didn’t it?

Most blogs fail within their first three months. If the blogger commits to a year project, it usually falls down after the first six months. If they commit to a two year project, it often lasts, with fits and starts, through the entire process and grows, becoming a part of their life.

Think bigger, blog better.

When people ask me if they should blog, I ask if they have a favorite subject they could talk about and share with others every day for three years.

When you know the answer to that, you will know the…

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